Dedicated to vaidya Mukndilal Dwivedi ji the out Patient Department is running with 10 O.P.D.S Including all the seven sections with Geriatrics, Yogic methodology & Emergency as well. The indoor Eequipped with 200 beds is heving many kinds of ancient and modern facilities for not only snehana-Swedana but basti karma, vamana, virechana, shirothara as well, is functional. surgery section, Providing almost all king of surgeries including general,  obstetric, gynecological, ophthalmological and specially mentioning Parasurgical Practices such as Ksharsutra jalaukawcharana ( raktamokshana)

Agnikarma & Ksharkarma as well, is dedicating its services to the hospital. A fully computerized patho-logical investigation setup is assisting the hospital always and An ultra-sonography & advanced X-Ray setup are also contributing their services for every kind of help in imaging and diagnostics. A dept. of ophthalmology & E.N.T. is working above par as being equipped with computerized auto refrac to meter slit-lamp derect & indirect ophthalmoscopes etc. emergency services are standing their round the clock as well.